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Lesson Learned

As my last public relations course of my undergraduate career comes to a close, I want to share with you 10 things I have learned about PR this semester. PR is a fast-paced field, and I do not think students and professionals can ever know enough about it, but here is just a glimpse of the knowledge I gained this semester:

  • It is important to study up on local, state and federal laws. PR practitioners must know how to protect themselves, as well as their clients.
  • Research is an essential part of any PR strategy, especially when it comes to knowing one’s audience.
  • PR professionals must listen: to their clients, to media outlets, and to what customers and others are saying on social media.
  • PR is a diverse field, and students should use college as a time to determine whether they want to work in a firm or departmental setting post-graduation.
  • Social media management is a requirement most PR practitioners must be able to fulfill within the workplace because of the integral role it plays within the field.
  • Not only do PR professionals need to conduct research, but they also must have a system for measuring their success.
  • Matching an audience with the appropriate media medium is key to communicating any message.
  • Despite the common misconception that PR practitioners should hold press conferences with the media often, THINK Public Relations recommends that they should not.
  • Many PR professionals are fighting for the field to implement a licensing requirement.
  • Experience is crucial. PR students should take advantage of professional organizations, training programs and internships.

If you are a PR student, what have you learned this semester? If you are a PR professional, what are some of the key lessons you have learned throughout your career that you think PR students need to know?


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