Target:: On Target with Social Media

Image Credit: “Social Media Networks” by Gee Ranasinha

Now more than ever, a company’s involvement in social media plays a big role in whether it succeeds. One of the best examples of a social media-savvy business that I’ve seen is Target. In this post I’m going to explore which social media outlets Target takes advantage of, how it utilizes them and how it benefits from them.

  • Facebook: The company has several Facebook pages, including Target, Target Baby and Target Style. Target on Facebook is used to debut new products, engage audience members using questions, allow customers to give feedback and respond to their posts, announce sales, and much more. Target Baby on Facebook is employed to connect parents, give customers a place to share their thoughts about their kids and the company, and share sales. Target Style on Facebook is  utilized to allow audience members to share their fashion favorites, comment on Target’s clothing and share the latest fashion trends. Advantages of these pages include showing off Target’s products, proving that the company truly cares about its customers and creating a welcoming online community that fosters positive conversations.
  • Twitter: Target also has more than one Twitter profile, including  @Target, @ABullseyeView, @TargetBaby, @TargetStyle, @TargetCareers, @TargetCHI, @TargetSEA and @TargetLA. @Target, @TargetBaby and @TargetStyle share similar content with their corresponding Facebook pages. @ABullseyeView is the handle for Target’s behind-the-scenes magazine titled…you guessed it: A Bullseye View. @TargetCareers focuses on available employment opportunities within Target and stories from current Target employees. @TargetCHI, @TargetSEA and @TargetLA are specific to Target stores that have recently opened in their corresponding cities. Just like Facebook, these Twitter handles help Target advertise its products and interact with customers, as well as provide future employees and customers with essential information.
  • YouTube: Target’s three YouTube accounts are Target, Target Careers and A Bullseye View. The Target account is composed of mainly advertisements, and videos about company happenings and programs. The Target Careers account gives behind-the-scenes looks at Target’s operations and includes testimonials from Target employees. The account for A Bullseye View focuses on exclusive videos and the company’s new short film series (Falling for You). It’s easy to see why any company can benefit from hosting videos on YouTube. Audiences of all ages want to be entertained. YouTube videos help Target hook watchers and hopefully send them to their other social media profiles and eventually to their website or store.
  • Tumblr: I love that even though Target is a large company, it has a Tumblr page. Several advantages of this social media profile include sending viewers straight to the Target website if they click on an item from an outfit they like, which has the potential to increase sales; allowing visitors to pin Target styles they love, which in turn may send their Pinterest followers to the Target website; and, once again, fostering interaction.
  • LinkedIn: Target’s LinkedIn profile is a good place for potential and current employees to connect with one another. Target benefits from sustaining this profile by easily viewing candidates employment history, skills, etc. It’s also a good way for those who want to work for Target but are unaware of say its Target Careers Twitter handle to learn more.
  • Online Magazine: I like to think of Target’s A Bullseye View as its very own blog. I’ve never seen it in paper form, but the setup is very  similar to  how a newspaper would lie out its website. Stories are on topics ranging from the latest Target designers to the lives of Target employees. Target benefits from this online magazine because it’s another place for customers to get plugged in and get information that can’t be found elsewhere.

What other companies have you seen master the art of social media? How are they doing it?


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