Straight from the Press:: Target’s Online Newsroom

Media newsrooms have been gaining popularity over the past five years. Several large companies, such as Intel, Ford and the American Cancer Society, maintain online newsrooms for the media to benefit from. Target can also be added to that list. Its media newsroom contains a wealth of information, including:

  • Company missions, values, awards, recognitions, history
  • Press releases
  • Employment opportunities
  • Investor and stock information
  • Press kit
  • Leadership information

I think Target does a good job covering all of the basics. There are, though, a few recent Target-related issues and happenings that have not been addressed by the company via press releases. Also, its press kit is not similar to any other that I’ve seen before. I think it needs to be more comprehensive and in PDF format for journalists and media outlets to download.

What are some other companies that have online newsrooms? What do you think of them?


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