Drum roll please…

After learning more about the behind-the-scenes operations at Target and researching its public relations strategies, I’m now more likely to want to work for the company.


Well, everyone likes to be on a winning team. Target’s  public relations department is composed of professionals with years of experience. They have mastered social media and helped the company stay strong despite economic downfall. There’s a lot I could learn from these professionals and if there’s already a successful system in place, that makes the day-to-day easier.

That isn’t to say, though, that I wouldn’t want to brainstorm new public relations strategies to help improve Target’s pre-existing plan. I’d also like to work for Target to help it create a crisis communications plan. Even if there was one in place, for example, regarding the new wedding registry ad, it may not have been well-crafted based on the lack of response given by the company.

It also makes it easier to love your job and enjoy it when you believe in what you’re selling. Like I said in my initial post about the company, I spend a lot of time and money at Target, and I believe that the quality of its products surpass that of what other stores have to offer.

Would you consider working for Target one day? If not, why?


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