What may keep Target from hitting its target?

Within the past five years, I’ve seen some of the biggest and seemingly strongest companies take a toll for the worse. Regardless of what services a business offers or products it sells, it can’t remain unaffected by the variety of societal happenings swirling around it.

Image Credit: “row of grocery carts” by Gilbert Rodriguez

Even Target, a Fortune 500 company, is currently facing several challenges, including:

  • the current financial market– making profits in a financially-stressed climate where customers aren’t able to buy as much as they once were
  • taking care of employees– thinking about what’s best for employees before what’s best for the company (click here for example)
  • standing up for company beliefs despite positive and negative public opinion (click here for example)
  • taking care of customers (click here for example)
  • being aware of possible false advertisements (click here for example)

Do you know of any companies who are facing some of the same challenges? If so, what are they?


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