Target:: Who’s it targeting?

John Donne was right when he said no man is an island. The statement rings true for companies, too. Without their publics, businesses wouldn’t be able to survive. There are a number of different people groups who make it possible for companies to provide their services and sell their products.

Image Credit: “Target love ‘you know you have it'” by Amanda Tipton

For Target, there’s a variety of publics that has made the “Expect More, Pay Less” dream a reality. Its publics include:

  • Customers: families, single moms, single dads, college students, singles, teens, senior citizens, grandparents
  • Employees: cashiers, department (electronics, beauty, etc.) workers, managers, executives, vice presidents, presidents, CEOs, chairmen, financial officers
  • Investors: individuals, others businesses
  • News Media: newspapers, radio stations, television stations, magazines, social media sites

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