Let’s talk PR

When I began my career as a Southeastern University student, I had every intention of working my way up the journalistic ladder and eventually becoming editor of one of the United States’ most famous fashion magazines following graduation. During the first public relations course I took, I fell in love with the field. I quickly found out that as much as I love writing, I wouldn’t enjoy doing it every day, all day.  Public relations is the perfect mix of writing, creativity, communication and problem-solving. It’s a multifaceted field and unbeknownst to most people, event planning is one of its many components.

Image Credit: “I love PR (public relations)” by Lisah & Jerry Silfwer

Event planning is the area of public relations that interests me the most because I’m detail-oriented, organized and I love a great event. What better way is there to create a positive, mutually beneficial  relationship between a company/organization and their publics than hosting a fun party or benefit? There are fundamental elements of public relations that are essential to event planning, like utilizing press releases, media relations and social media to promote events, but the sector also requires extreme creativity to create the desired atmosphere (especially when the budget is limited). As a student leader who has played a part in planning several events for the Southeastern community, I’ve found that the most rewarding part is seeing attendees enjoy what the event’s planning team has worked for countless hours on.

From personal experience I’ve learned that some qualifications and characteristics that are necessary for an event planner to possess include:

  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Passion
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Organization
  • Budget management

After graduation, I’ll have built a good foundation for beginning a successful event planning career. I hope to one day start my own all-inclusive event planning business that features traditional public relations, event planning and photography.

What area of public relations interests you the most? I’d love to hear what you’re passionate about.


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