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Being apart of this course has exposed me to a number of different PR, social media and journalism-related blogs. I’m pretty sure I could spend all day blog surfing. I love learning, especially from professionals themselves. But, since I’m a full-time college student, my dream about spending my days reading what other people have to say  is simply that: a dream. I’ve found a few blogs that I rely upon to get the information I need from and that feature posts on a variety of topics.

That being said, my favorite professional blog that I read this semester is PR Daily. Semester after semester, PR Daily always remains my favorite. Why? First of all, PR Daily features articles on a number of topics. It gives me a good overview of industry trends and happenings. PR Daily makes it easy for readers to subscribe to their daily posts, so the information comes to me instead of having to go to it. Also, as I reach my senior year, I find PR Daily’s job postings helpful. I think the thing I love most about PR Daily is that not a day goes by when a guest blogger isn’t featured.  I’ve discovered so many bloggers, so when I do actually have time to dedicate to reading blogs, I never run out of posts to browse. Keep it comin’, PR Daily.

Not only is my favorite student blogger from this semester a lovely PR lady, but she’s also a good friend of mine. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Elizabeth Telg‘s blog Eliza Says. Her voice shines so brilliantly through her writing. I love that her readers truly get an inside look into her life. She does a great job of showing that she’s a human just like everyone else, which is great for establishing relationships between herself and her readers, as well as other bloggers. She posts about things other than PR, which makes her blog that much more enjoyable to read. Plus, she’s just as obsessed with Pinterest as I am. What’s better than that?

If you’re looking for some quality blogs to read, I highly recommend those I reviewed in today’s post, as well as the numerous others featured on my blogroll and a post I published a while back.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers? I’d love to hear about them.


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  1. emmyjoy

    I just did a post about PR Daily. I have to agree with you. It’s a great site to explore as a PR student. And the posts are pulled from blogs that you can also take a look at. It is truly a PR treasure. Anyone in the field can learn, be informed, or something each day.

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