Viral Videos: Videos You Just Can’t Help But Watch

Viral videos have become an important part of social media and businesses’ marketing plans. There are some products, messages and ideas that are just better expressed visually and that’s where viral videos come in.

Viral videos are great for gaining businesses publicity, but what exactly makes a video go viral?

According to an interview Michael Stelzner, of Social Media Examiner, conducted with Scott Stratten, author of Un-Marketing, people spread emotion.

“Why companies’ videos don’t go viral is because they make it about them,” said Stratten.

He explained that companies need to get rid of the commercial aspect and push their brand more than anything. Stratten also pointed out that companies should ensure that their videos are sharable and can be viewed on mobile phones.

In a TED Talk, YouTube Trends manager Kevin Allocca claimed that there are three characteristics that viral videos have in common:

1. Tastemakers- tastemakers introduce us to new and interesting things, and bring them to a bigger audience.

2. Communities of Participation- formed when tastemakers take a point of view and share it with a larger audience, accelerating the process.

3. Unexpectedness- only that which is truly unique and unexpected can stand out.

This is just one of the viral videos that have stolen my heart.

The creator of this video wasn’t selling a product or pitching a service. He was simply sharing a moment he had with his daughter. This dad who was currently unemployed received a rejection letter for a job he applied for. As he started to rip it up, his daughter giggled and the rest is history. He truly captured emotion and touched the hearts of millions of viewers. Bravo.

This video doesn’t have nearly as many views, but I think it touches one of the three characteristics Allocca discussed.

The granddaughter of this older couple who was trying to figure out their new webcam knew what she was doing when she uploaded the recording to YouTube. They certainly didn’t expect to be recorded or featured on the news for their hilarious banter. I’d have to say that the best part of this video is that they were completely themselves.

What viral videos are your favorite? What makes them memorable?



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