Going Solo Using your PR Skills

The guest speaker for our February 2012 SEU FPRA Meeting was one of my good friends Tiffany Ellis.  Besides serving as a communications specialist for Polk County Public Schools, she also owns a photography, video, graphic design and event planning company. I look up to Tiffany for what she has accomplished so far in her professional life so I was excited to see what she had to say about PR students using their skills to go solo. Below are a few take-aways from the presentation Tiffany gave:

Tiffany and her her husband, Clint.

  • Look at the skills you have to offer.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity even if it seems ridiculous and you feel like you don’t have time.
  • Find others who are considered professionals in your local area and study their work. Model yourself after them.
  • Determine what’s your objective of going solo– make some extra money, build your business, build your portfolio?
  • Make it legal. Get your business license.
  • Brand yourself. Create a logo and have samples of your work to show off.
  • Use professionalism at all times. This includes having your business card handy.
  • You need to get updates on how you’re doing, so prepare for an evaluation and provide your customers with tools they can use to give you feedback.
  • Service is a “safe place” to build your experience. Put your skills to work in ministry. You’re always needed.

To see samples of Tiffany’s work and learn more about her services, visit her blog.


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