Pinterest: What’s in it for Businesses

*The content of this post has been adapted from a post I wrote for a client for the public relations firm I am an intern at.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows users to social bookmark their favorite visual items from interior decorating concepts and recipes, to wedding and event ideas.

So, how is this trend relevant to businesses? What are the advantages of businesses’ public relations professionals and social media gurus alike utilizing this online fad? Why should they take part in the community that has been built by this visual sensation?

Here are ten reasons why some industries may never be the same thanks to one of social media’s latest phenomenons:

  1. It’s free. There’s no subscription fee and it cuts out the costs that purchasing print publications or subscriptions.
  2. Pinterest makes it easy to organize pins by category or occasion. The amount of boards users can create is unlimited and the possibilities are endless as far as naming each board goes. It’s up to them what they pin and how they pin it.
  3. They can take it on the go thanks to the Pinterest iPhone app.
  4. Especially since Pinterest connects users’ Facebook accounts with their Pinterest accounts, it’s easy for them to share what they love and have found with others, as well as see what their friends have discovered.
  5. The “Pin It” button allows users to pin photos they find on sites other than Pinterest, and original photographs they’ve taken. That being said, businesses can take pictures of new products and services as a means of advertising and promotion.
  6. The easy-to-use search feature allows users to find where they can purchase a lamp they’ve been looking for or a particular up-do they want to wear to a dinner party. It’s also helpful in finding people who have similar tastes or boards that are comparable to users’ interests.
  7. Users can say “goodbye” to the days of saving pictures of neat ideas to their computers and being forced to delete them later because they don’t have enough memory to save those huge Excel spreadsheets for next week’s board meeting. Pinterest only uses an internet browser. Sure, users can save the ideas they come across on their hard drives, but what’s the need when Pinterest takes care of saving pins to their online accounts?
  8. Pinterest is all about visual sharing. In a sense, it’s interactive, but without the large amounts of chatter that Facebook, Twitter, etc. bring to the table. Users can create captions for their pins and comment on the pins of others, but that’s about it. Pinterest is proof that sometimes, silence can be a beautiful thing.
  9. Stay-at-home moms aren’t the only ones with Pinterest accounts. Celebrities, magazines, salons, and many other businesses have joined the Pinterest bandwagon as well, including Chris March from Bravo TV’s “Mad Fashion,”People StyleWatch, Paula Deen, Honeycomb Salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Glamour magazine.
  10. A majority of the pins seen on Pinterest are linked to the original source from which they were pinned. This makes it easy for users to try many DIY projects and buy products.

Not sure how to get started? Visit Pinterest’s website to request an invite or have a fellow Pinterest user invite you. If you need assistance, Mashable’s “Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network” can help you get pinning once you have an account.



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3 responses to “Pinterest: What’s in it for Businesses

  1. I LOVE pinterest, and I have to admit, for a short period this past summer I think that I was some what addicted! But I have found that Pinterest is the perfect thing for events planning. You can quickly find ideas for almost any kind of even that you would want to put on. I would have to agree with #5. The ‘pin it’ button has been clicked so many times on my computer, and it makes it so easy to compile information quickly. LOVE IT!

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