Twitter Chat– #PRStudChat/@PRStudChat

I recently participated in a Twitter chat: #prstudchat. @PRStudChat is led by Valerie Simon and Deirdre Breakenridge. The focus of this particular chat was the question “PR: Art or Science?” This post is all about what I took away from the experience, using the three-pronged approach.

Image Credit: “Tiny birds in my hand..” by llse

1. What did you learn?

When Simon and Breakenridge first asked “Is PR more art or science?,” I immediately said to myself “Art, duh!” The more I thought about it and took into consideration what others were saying, I realized it is a balancing act. PR professionals need to be able to skillfully craft content, all the while measuring the results of their work and paying attention to metrics. Some say art. Some say science. Now I say both.

2. What surprised you?

I have a lot more to learn about PR than I realized. I added “research Edward Bernays” (I know, shame on me for not already knowing), and other PR-related information to my to-do list. I am not as PR-savvy as I thought, but I am on my way.

Also, I was retweeted by PR professionals. I mean, who would not be excited about that? I was proud that I said something others thought was worth sharing.

3. What do you want to learn more about?

Obviously, Edward Bernays…but besides that, measurement accountability and recent PR campaigns. That is just based on this chat, though. It is a snippet of everything I hope to learn during the time I have left at Southeastern.

What Twitter chats have you participated in? What is your favorite chat to participate in on a regular basis? What have you learned so far from it? What advice would you give to students who have never participated in a Twitter chat, but would like to? I would love to hear what you have to say.


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