Social Media, Friend or Foe?

This week’s topic of discussion is Holtz Communcation + Technology’“Social Media, Friend or Foe?”  podcast. I’ll be using the three-pronged approach to talk about the subject that Shel HoltzMark Ragan and others addressed in the podcast.

Image Credit: The Australian

1. What did you learn?

All levels of leadership within companies can contribute to social media campaigns. PR, communication, advertising and marketing pro’s aren’t the only ones who can add something meaningful to the output of content that happens on a daily basis. Customers want to hear both the big picture (from the CEO’s, presidents, etc.) as well as the details about product developments and services from managers, franchisee owners and others.

2. What surprised you?

There are companies and CEO’s who aren’t fully sold on social media. How they think their businesses can thrive and stay afloat without it, I’m not sure. But I strongly believe that it’s the job of communication specialists and PR pro’s to convince those leaders that social media is essential for success in today’s world and time. Companies who don’t use social media and adopt policies for those tools will be left in the dust.

3. What do you want to know more about?

They talked a lot about transparency. How does a company remain transparent through social media in the middle of a crisis? What’s the best way to prepare for a crisis and how do companies come through one with their reputations in tact? It seems some businesses try to cover up problems that surface and more often than not, the public will eventually find out about them. Crises are sticky situations and the PR department must always be a step ahead of the game, anticipating a crisis to happen at any given moment.

What’re some similar podcasts that you’ve listened to and taken a lot from? I’d love to hear about them.



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4 responses to “Social Media, Friend or Foe?

  1. Yes! I love that “social media explained” photo!! It is so true! makes me laugh every time 🙂

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