How is PR similar to the messages on conversation hearts?

Even though this year’s Valentine’s Day has passed, I wanted to recap a fun exercise that took place at last week’s February 2012 Florida Public Relations Association meeting here at Southeastern University.

I asked attendees and our speaker to grab a packet of candy conversation hearts and answer the following question: How is PR similar to some of the messages on the conversation hearts?

Image Credit: “{7} je t’aime” by KatLevPhoto

I used Poll Everywhere to track the answers and here’s what we came up with:

  • “TOO COOL- PR pros are up on the latest technology and social media!”
  • “DON’T TELL: Sometimes covering up a crisis isn’t the best route to go.”
  • “MY BOY – it’s all about relationships! Create them”
  • “SEE YA: You’ll need to say ‘goodbye’ to those bad grammar and spelling habits and learn the in’s and out’s of AP Style.”
  • “LOL – sometimes you need to have a good laugh through the stress”
  • “I LOVE YOU: PR pro’s need journalists to love them because it’s a group effort when it comes to working with and through the media.”
  • “DARE YA- PR stunts can be risky. But may be beneficial”
  • “YOU ROCK- give credit where credit is due, and always let people know if you appreciate or like something they said or did”
  • “BE TRUE – make sure the facts are right!”
  • “I’M SURE- you might not always ‘be sure’ in PR, but u need to act like you are confident”

I hope you took something away from just a small list of the ways that PR is similar to conversation heart messages. What are some other ways that they relate?


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