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1. “Why Journalists Need PR People” by Manny Otiko on PRBreakfast Club on 1/29/12

You hit the nail on the head. A fellow classmate and I were just talking the other day about how important it is for us to gain as much experience as possible before leaving college because as budget cuts ensue, companies need one person who can handle writing press releases, designing brochures, creating social media campaigns, and much more. When I entered college, I wondered why Journalism and Public Relations are paired together as one major. Now I understand the relationship between them and the importance of that relationship.

2. “Beyond the Crisis” by Taryn Bernman on B2B Bliss on 1/29/12

This is a great article on crisis tips. Thanks for sharing your experience. As a PR student, the thing I fear the most about entering the industry after graduation is facing a crisis. I know it’ll happen sooner or later. I just wonder whether or not I will have the ability to make the most of it and help my company come out the other side of the storm with hope for the future.

3. “Are We Addicted to Multitasking?” by Tiffany Monohollon on Personal PR on 1/29/12

This is a great post, Tiffany. I think the title is a question that is being talked about more and more as we are becoming increasingly bombarded with stimuli from all angles. I almost feel like I can’t function anymore without multitasking. My mind and body are so used to doing two or more things at once that I find it difficult to focus on just one task, even though I know that the product I’m working on will be of better quality if I do put all of my attention on it for the time being. What do you think we can do to get away from this “multitasking is necessary” mindset?

4. “Why are there so few male students in PR classes?” by Alexis Morgan on PR Daily on 2/26/12

I love this article. This topic began to interest me so much after my first year of college as a journalism/public relations student that I’ve chosen to research the role women have played in public relations and why more men are not a part of the field for my bachelor’s thesis. The effects of the feminization of public relations are evident in the public relations courses I take and the Florida Public Relations Association chapters I am a part of it. I am interested to see how the field will continue to change in response to the shift in demographic the public relations industry has experienced.

5. “10 ways to build your personal PR brand” by Abbi Whitaker on PR Daily on 2/26/12

This is a really helpful, informative post. I agree that it is easy for PR professionals to become so caught up in promoting their clients’ products and services that they forget to take the time to advertise and grow their services. The PR firm I intern for is very good at making sure all of us interns take turns writing blog posts for the site and that fresh, meaningful content is being produced on a regular basis. I like the idea of sharing what others are saying on their blogs, but it is easy to fall into the duplicate content trap and get in the habit of not saying what you are thinking. You have to say something that has not been said before to be noticed and credited as an important source.

6. “9 non-PR skills every PR professional needs” by Grace Lavigne on PR Daily on 2/26/12

This post is very informative and something that I have not seen on any other site or blog. These are definitely skills that most public relations students do not have in mind when they are thinking about what they need to do to prepare for a career in public relations. Public relations is an industry that requires a large, far-ranging skill set. I think it is important that public relations students and professionals alike never stop searching for skills and experiences they can put underneath their belts because of the continually growing and competitive nature of the industry.

7. “PR Girl PRowess: Avoid Disheleved Damsel Syndrome” by nyc PR girls on 2/29/12

This post is really helpful. To-do lists are definitely a staple I use to remain sane throughout the week. Like you said, once I pour everything out on paper that I’m worrying about and know that I need to get done, I’m better able to prioritize. It’s definitely easy in any industry, especially public relations since you’re at the disposal of others 24/7, to become so bogged down with work and not carve out time to take care of yourself. Eventually we become worn out, get sick, get better and the vicious cycle continues. When it comes down to it, time management plays such an important role and is a skill that everyone in public relations needs to possess.

8. “Finally, a PR definition that says it all” by Steve Crescenzo on PR Daily on 2/29/12

When I tell people who I meet who are not a part of the public relations industry that I’m a journalism/public relations major, I can always expect for them to ask what public relations is exactly. I think there are so many facets to public relations, and public relations practitioners are responsible for a number of tasks and projects that it’s obvious that we sometimes have a hard time summarzing what exactly the profession is all about. I think the definitions the task force came up with are important and tend to serve as an overview of what public relations professionals are doing on a day-to-day basis.

9. “Are you making this critical LinkedIn mistake?” by Mic Johnson on PR Daily on 3/27/12

I think these are important lessons every LinkedIn user, regardless of the field they’re in, should learn. One of the points of LinkedIn is to build relationships, which involve conversation as well as both give and take. Some people care more about the amount, rather than the quality, of their connections. I think we’re all guilty of this at some point or another, so thanks for calling us out and teaching LinkedIn users the right way to use social media.

10. “PR Girl PRowess: Event Planning and Management” by nyc PR girls on 3/27/12

These are great tips that will help people not lose their poise while planning an event. Event planning is definitely one of the most hectic and chaotic jobs, but I can say from experience, it’s probably one of the most rewarding. It’s easy to fall behind and let details slip through the cracks, so having a to-do list and not being too prideful to ask for help are definite musts.

11. “Report: PR is a ‘pink ghetto’ for women” by Michael Sebastian on PR Daily on 4/4/12

I’m currently doing research for my undergraduate thesis that is going to be about the role of women in public relations and the challenges female PR practitioners are faced with. Feminization has definitely changed the way the public looks at PR. A lot of the research I’ve read so far reports that males are typically found in managerial roles while females are found in technical roles, and that many males don’t believe that women are capable of fulfilling managerial duties. I definitely think there are male PR pros, though, that would say otherwise. Because of the views many male PR practitioners have toward their female coworkers, some female PR pros are leaving companies and agencies to start their own firms. I’m surprised by how many female PR pros are talking negatively about each other. This obviously doesn’t help the issue. Who cares if there are negative stereotypes surrounding women in PR and what they do for a living. We all know the truth and what matters is that we do our jobs to the best of our abilities. It seems like women’s battle for equality in PR isn’t over yet and this topic will continue to shape the PR field over the next several decades.

12. “5 reasons your company or client needs a blog” by Ashley Halberstadt on PR Daily on 4/11/12

This is a great post, Ashley. At the PR firm I intern at, we put a lot of effort into SEO and blogging is just one of the ways we do so. I’ve been able to see first-hand how creating quality and unique content on a regular basis is effective for gaining greater coverage. Many blogging platforms make it easy for users to choose to have their posts automatically sent to Facebook and Twitter, so I don’t think businesses should be concerned about how they’re going to drive readers to their blog in the beginning. I’ve heard way too many blogging success stories to ever tell someone not to create their own blog. Thanks for the great info!

13. “The Ultimate Social Search: SEO and Share Tips Facebook” by PR Couture on 4/11/12

These are great tips on how to make the most of Facebook. When it comes to social media, I think it’s imperative that companies know their audiences and what their readers are looking for. I agree that interaction is also key. If readers aren’t engaged, they won’t stick around for long. Another important element is posting fresh, unique content on a regular basis. Readers are easily turned off when they don’t find anything new on the blogs and social media sites they visit, so businesses would be smart to invest time and money into social media, whether that means doing it in-house or contracting it out to a local PR firm.


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