Become a Better Blogger

This is a slightly revised version of a previous post entitled “TOW #13: Blogging Advice for PR Students.” It’s crazy to me that I’m halfway through my junior year. Even though thoughts about graduation and the future sometimes seem scary, I’m excited to see what new journey I’ll embark on after graduation.

Even though I have another semester of PR and communications classes under my belt, I still find the following blogging tips to be some of the most important.

Below is a list of tips that I knew and just didn’t listen to, or I wish I would have known, when starting a professional, public relations blog as a student:

  • Keep up with posting content. Creating a blog editorial calendar is required for this course, but if you are creating a blog on your own, I highly suggest that you compose one as well. Blog editorial calendars help you stay on track and spread out posting content. It is best to post new material most everyday that way you don’t get bogged down with doing a lot of posting at one time and provides fresh content for readers to read at all times. Here is what my blog editorial calendar looked like for one of my classes last semester:
  • Sign up to receive daily email from sources such as PR Daily and follow various public relations professionals on Twitter such as Lorrie Walker of Lorrie Walker Communications, Inc., Shonali Burke of PR Daily, and Pete Cashmore of Mashable. These are quick and easy ways to stay up-to-date on current events as well as gather tips and information to use in the public relations connections posts that are required for this course or for personal growth.
  • Use Compfight to find images that are appropriate to your blog posts. Use the creative commons category. After the first couple times of using the site, you will be a pro at using images to enhance your posts and developing keywords that will generate the results you are looking for.
  • Don’t be afraid to use videos. YouTube is a great place to start when looking for footage that goes along with the topic of posts.
  • Let your individual writing style shine, but remain professional. What will make your blog stand out is a look or feel that isn’t similar to that of other blogs. You’re in college which means you have apt writing skills, so put them into good use!

    Image Credit: “Put Your Product Where Your Mouth Is” by Joseph O’Connell

  • Don’t make the design of your blog too flashy. This is another area in which to remain professional. If you want a header, look at images at Compfight to select one that relates to the overall message you desire to send through the presence of your blog. You don’t have to have a background color or image if you don’t want to. Keep in mind that potential employers will be Google-ing your name and your blog will probably be incorporated in the search results. They’ll look at it and take into account all of the elements, jotting down notes to add to other search result findings to consider when the interview process commences.
  • Give others credit when using an idea that is not your own. Never claim something unless you wrote it word for word.
  • Keep an eye on the statistics for your blog. If you use WordPress, the stats will be located on your dashboard. See what days and topics receive the most feedback.
  • Comment on other people’s blogs. It will build your web presence, but that is not the sole purpose of blog comments. For more on blog comments, see “TOW #3: Your Comments Count!”
  • Activate certain widgets such as the calendar, search, and even Twitter to make it easy for readers to access your content. Activating widgets like Twitter and helps connect the content that you post on various social media sites and centralizes it into one place.


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3 responses to “Become a Better Blogger

  1. You always have the best blogs, Taylor! I can always go to your blog for tips on how to be professional and be a successful PR major. You are definitely going to go somewhere in the world of PR!

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  3. You make some really great points on maintaining a successful blog. I like the idea of making a blog editorial calendar. As a student, I am busy with many different things, updating my blog can be difficult. With a calendar outline as a reminder, I would have an easier time keeping my blog updated.

    Thanks for the advice.


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