Blogger Brilliance 2011

On September 17,2011, I had the pleasure of attending Blogger Brilliance 2011 in Tampa, Florida with Emily Meade of PRetty in Pink. We chose the fashion tract and heard blogging advice throughout the day from Carrie Wildes, Holley Sinn, Holly Hamann, Jodi Furman, Kristina Medhus, Marjorie Harper, Sasha Ezquerra, and Vahni Georgoulakos.

The day started off with two panel sessions at which time the lovely ladies listed above gave the audience the following info & advice:

From left to right: Jodi Furman, Vahni Georgoulakos, Kristina Medhus, Sasha Ezquerra, and Holley Sinn

  • Your blog is nothing without original content.
  • You have to provide something that people can’t find anywhere else.
  • People are coming to your blog because of your voice and personality.
  • Stay true to the vision and name of your blog.
  • People are attracted to your honest point of view.
  • You have to have a passion for the subject and sharing.
  • It can be about you, not necessarily about your life.
  • Ask yourself “what would I like to read?”
  • There’s an art to photography and pictures have such a large impact.
  • People want to see you, not just read your writing.
  • Be as honest and relatable as possible.
  • Bloggers may very well replace traditional media.
  • Post your blog on news Facebook, etc. pages.
  • Know your audience.
  • Make it easy for blog visitors to contact you and access you.
  • Be an early adapter of new technology– email the developers to ask if they will feature blogs.
  • If you’re confident and sure of your voice, you’ll survive when criticism comes your way.
  • If you work with a brand, be careful what you say about it and what you say about other brands.
  • The big thing people are measuring now is engagement.
  • It’s about enjoying the journey, not about the number of readers you have.
  • Don’t post unless you have something to say,
  • Make it easy for people to share your content.
  • End your post in a question to help engagement.
  • Be consistent.
  • It’s about being an expert in your niche.
  • Someone taking action because of you shows you have influence.
  • Your loyalty is to your readers.

Later in the day, we enjoyed the tail-end of a Tim Gunn fashion show at International Plaza and snacks in a private blogger’s lounge in Nordstrom.

Tim Gunn at International Plaza in Tampa, Florida

Emily Meade of PRetty in Pink and myself in the Nordstrom blogger’s lounge

I would highly recommend this event to all bloggers, regardless of what topics they write about. Keep an eye out for next year’s line-up!



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2 responses to “Blogger Brilliance 2011

  1. This sounds so fun! I would really like to go next year! I am definitely interested in fashion PR for a career and putting on fashion shows – that is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing the info!

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