Have something to say? Storify it.

PR professionals are always on the lookout for the latest social media trend. What’s had them buzzing lately? Storify.

According to the FAQ’s section of their website, “Storify is a way to tell stories using social media such as Tweets, photos and videos. You search multiple social networks from one place, and then drag individual elements into your story. You can re-order the elements and also add text to give context to your readers.”

What are the benefits of using Storify compared to using traditional blogging platforms? Storify makes posting material faster and easier by allowing users to quickly drop multimedia and links from all over the web into one spot. It also works with WordPress, Tumblr, and Posterous.

So, how does this relate to PR students and why should they use it?

  1. As previously mentioned, the process of creating stories with Storify progresses much faster than blogging on traditional platforms.
  2. Storify posts are interactive.
  3. It’s a unique way to gather information.
  4. Several social media sites can be tied to Storify accounts.
  5. Have a Twitter account? All you have to do is use your Twitter login information to create a Storify account and all of your Twitter information will be synched with the new account.
  6. Storify users aren’t limited in what they can post. Anything is possible!
  7. “Stories on Storify.com are optimized for SEO.”
  8. Storify is available for iPad.
  9. It’s free!
  10. You can look at what others are posting, which is a pro when it comes to learning and finding inspiration.
  11. You can also subscribe to other users.

Why do you think Storify is important? How do you plan on using it to share what you’re passionate about? How do you think that Storify is going impact the future of social media?

I challenge you to sign up today for Storify and spread the word about social media’s latest trend.



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2 responses to “Have something to say? Storify it.

  1. ertelg

    I love Storify! After using it for my personal live blog, I find it much easier to use than other live blogging programs mentioned in class. It is simple to use and organize different tweets and posts from the event. I also love that you can drag posts from other people at the event into the live blog. It’s also great that it is FREE! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

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