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This post is a revamped version of a previous post called “TOW #3: Your Comments Count!” Why? Because there are so many reasons why comments are essential to blogging and I don’t think I did those reasons justice in my last post. Here’s a list of reasons why blog comments should be important to you and fellow bloggers.

  1. Comments from readers can help you look at various topics from new perspectives. Their comments can shed light on a particular aspect or side of a subject that you haven’t previously studied before or maybe have always held one viewpoint about.
  2. Take everything commenters post with a grain of salt. Their criticism may prove to be helpful or in some cases just plain mean. Don’t be offended if someone points out a spelling error or has some advice for you. In the end, it’ll all help you become a better writer. Read Cats Who Blog’s post entitled “8 reasons why negative comments are good for you blog” for more on this.
  3. Blog comments can help spread the word about your blog, but that shouldn’t be the sole motive of your comments on other people’s blogs. Based on what you say in your comments, authors may be compelled to look at the content of your blog out of curiosity or because they are in search of inspiration.
  4. {grow}‘s “The Five Surprising Impacts of Blog Comments” post lists the following reasons why blog comments matter:
    A. Comments can create REAL community
    B. Comments create economic value.
    C. Comments create strong ties that result in influence.
    D. Comments are an incubator of new content.
    E. Comments drive intellectual growth.
  5. Through blog comments you’ll be able to create relationships with fellow bloggers that may lead to future guest posts as well as a larger readership if they highlight your blog on their blogrolls.

Image Credit: “Styven Magnes: Speech balloons” by Marc Wathieu

Grammar Girl offers the following advice on “How to Write a Great Blog Comment”:

  1. Determine Your Motivation
  2. Provide Context
  3. Be Respectful
  4. Make a Point
  5. Know What You’re Talking About
  6. Make One Point per Comment
  7. Keep it Short
  8. Link Carefully
  9. Proofread

Nathan Bransford has some valuable advice regarding this topic, as well, in his post “How to Write a Good Blog Comment”:

  1. Read the Post You’re Commenting On, The At Least Scan it Again
  2. Get There Early
  3. Scan the Other Comments First
  4. Give the Blogger the Benefit of the Doubt
  5. Be Interesting and/or Funny
  6. Become a Regular

Judy Dunn of For Bloggers, By Bloggers’ post about “10 Reasons No One Notices Your Blog Comment” offers some advice of what not to do:

  1. You only care about getting that coveted ‘first comment’ position.
  2. You waited too long to comment.
  3. Your comment is short and adds no value.
  4. Your comment is too long.
  5. You didn’t read the post.
  6. You don’t stay on topic.
  7. You leave a ‘vanilla’ comment.
  8. You never take an opposing viewpoint.
  9. Your comment is all about you.
  10. You don’t format your comment for readability.

Last but not least, here’s a cute video that will hopefully help you remember some of the tips and tricks listed above.

I hope you found this information useful and valuable. Why do you think blog comments are important? What advice do you have to offer fellow bloggers regarding the creation of quality comments?


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