The Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times is one of the country’s leading newspapers. Not only does it provide readers with the online versions of its news stories, but also includes on its website several categories of blogs. These categories include:
 The Los Angeles Times has made it easy to access important, interesting information. The blogs present on its website can be helpful to students, professionals, parents, etc. alike. Personally, after reading the blog posts the Los Angeles Times has to offer, I’m going to try to read at least some of the blogs on a daily basis. Why? I can find all the information I need on current happenings in a single location. That’s what students are looking for– a one-stop shop.

Image Credit: “Los Angeles & Hollwood” by citron smurf

That being said, the Los Angeles Times caters to all audiences through its various blogs and posts. On top of that, students can be sure that the information they are reading is accurate since it is coming from a credible news source. In addition, each blog is not maintained by just one person. That means that in the process of reading posts, students will be able to observe and learn from various writing styles that are present throughout the blogs. The Los Angeles Times’ actual website is accessible from the blog section, giving students a mix of both newspaper content in digital form and content in the form of blog posts.
The Los Angeles Times’ blogs are just one example of digital media that can be compared with others in order for students to fully comprehend the difference between writing for analog and writing for digital media (which I will explore at a later time), as well as the differences among digital media sources.

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