You’re hired!

The Career Services Offices here at SEU are sponsoring monthly Hired! Sessions for students. This month’s session was held on Monday, September 12. Guest Speaker Virginia Edwards from Beyond Manners spoke on Do’s & Don’ts: Business Etiquette. Here are just a few of the many tips she gave attendees for networking, interviews, and much more.

Image Credit: “Mind Your Manners by Claire Wallace (1953)” by Ann Douglas

  • At networking events, have three introductions ready so that each person you meet is not hearing the same pitch.
  • As soon as you drive onto the property of a business for an interview, you’re being observed. Put everything in your trunk and only leave out the necessities.
  • How you interact with reception can make or break whether or not you get a job. Sometimes interviewers will intentionally make you wait to see how you will react and companies may seat their HR representatives at the reception desk so they can observe you while you wait.
  • Come up with a 15 second elevator pitch about yourself.
  • Don’t be so proud that you don’t let someone help you by getting you an introduction.
  • Send a hand-written thank-you note to interviewers and those who get you introductions.
  • Have business cards that are accurate and make them appropriate for your industry. Carry your cards in a business card case, but not one that is metal because it will show fingerprints.
  • Nametags always need to be worn on your right shoulder.
  • Business cards are a “mini-me” so don’t write on the business card someone gave you while you are still in their presence.
  • Don’t use acronyms when talking to someone who works outside of your industry.
  • Don’t act like you have the job you’re interviewing for in the bag even if you’re there because someone got you the interview.
  • Don’t pass up the “reception” or “networking time” that may happen before banquets and dinners, even if you have a job. It is important to continually enlarge your circle.

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