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#1: “Dedicated to First-Year Student Me: Thriving in Your First Year at SEU” by Professor Barbara Nixon on 9/9/2011

1. There are several other students who are going through some of the same spiritual battles as you are, so know that you’re not alone
2. Get involved and be open to meeting new people, even if you don’t remain friends with them throughout the rest of your time at SEU
3. Manage your time well and plan way in advance for tests, assignments, projects, etc. Find a balance.

#2: “How finding the right PR firm is like dating” by Doroth Crenshaw on 9/13/2011

This is an interesting article because as a student I haven’t given much thought yet about PR from the client’s point-of-view. Not only will these tips help clients find the right fit for them, but they will also assist PR firms in providing the best experience possible to future and present clients.

#3: “Speaking Out Against Unpaid Internships” by Claire Celsi  on 9/13/2011

Thank you for writing this post. I don’t think most students know that unpaid internships are illegal and it’s important for them to have this information. Unpaid internships have become so common, but that doesn’t mean that businesses can continue to exploit students. The suggestions listed above are easy enough to carry out and if most PR pro’s and parents put them into practice, there’s a good chance that a decline in unpaid internships will occur.

#4: “PR Interviewee Questions” by nyc PR girls on 9/13/2011

This is definitely important and helpful information. I’ve learned over time that you can never read enough tips on preparing for and surviving interviews. Interviews of any kind can be nerve-racking so there’s a chance that many interviewees would not think of these questions on the spot. Thank you!

#5: “Open Letter to a PR Undergrad” by nyc PR girls on 9/13/2011

It’s always helpful to receive advice about college life from someone who has already been through it and is in PR. I think PR is definitely a challenging, but rewarding major and I can speak from experience when I saw it’s hard to find a balance among classes, networking, etc. It’s so refreshing to see advice that includes not worrying so much about guys. PR girls definitely exude a kind of confidence that will help them in several areas of life, including dating.

#6: “DON’T BE THAT FRESHMEN!!!!!!!!!!” by Johny Fernandez on 9/14/2011

This is awesome advice, Johny. I can definitely identify with a lot of these tips looking back on freshmen year. I love that your personality shines through your posts, which means your readers will feel like they know you personally. That’s a great thing to accomplish, especially right off the bat.

#7: “Further vs. Farther- Which one is the right one?” by Elizabeth Telg on 9/14/2011

This is such good information to know. I’m glad someone demystified it. I also didn’t know that there was a difference between the two, but I’ll definitely be confident now in my usage of each.  Grammar Girl is definitely a valuable resource for writers of all ages and levels of experience.

#8: “How to Charm Your Professor and Make an A” by Melanie Shoults on 9/14/2011

No matter how many tips I read about surviving college, I always seem to gain something from reading more of them. This advice is helpful and definitely refreshing because they usually aren’t the first things that come to mind when upperclassmen give advice to lowerclassmen. I like that your personality shines through your writing and the content is personal.

#9: “Journa-publi-adver-brand-keting.” by Daniel Barcelo on 10/15/2011

I absolutely love this post. I’m glad someone tackled the challenge of defining and describing professions that are similar to PR. I think it’s important that people in each profession know their responsibilities as well as are able to work together to achieve a common goal. I know it’s easy for people outside of communications to confuse what exactly people in each profession do for a living, so, awesome job!

#10: “Finishing one chapter and the start of a new chapter” by Johny Fernandez on 10/15/2011

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I think that’s because, as you know, I can relate to where you are academically and the decisions that you will have to start making before too long. It can seem overwhelming, but our heavenly Father is here to guide us and He’ll work all things for our good. I strongly believe that He is with us wherever we go and even if what we choose to do isn’t exactly in His will, He’ll make a way for Him to be glorified in and through the situation. I’m praying for you as you continue on this wonderful journey called life.

#11: “Make Your Social Media Presence ‘Perfessional'” by Claire Celsi on 11/19/2011

Thank you for writing this post! I know a lot of PR professionals ask this particular question and as a PR student, I’ve heard many in my classes, including myself, wonder the same thing. This is valuable information that offers solutions that are easy to apply. I’ll definitely keep these things in mind in the future.

#12: “Six Pieces of Media Relations Advice for the Newbies” by Kelli Matthews of PRos in Training on 11/19/2011

Thank you for writing this post! I’ll be starting my first internship next semester and the thought of pitching stories to media outlets has always scared me.  One of my worst fears regarding pitching stories is ruining connections that could be useful in the future. I think these tips will be really helpful as I’m interning and even as I enter the workforce.

#13: “Treat Yourself for Under $5” by nyc PR girls on 11/19/2011

These are great ideas! I read the article entitled “Is burnout hitting millenial women in PR?” on PR Daily. Just reading the title scared me and my fears increased as I read through the many quotes inserted into the article. I love how practical the ideas you offer are. I’ll have to remember them in the future.

#14: “Is burnout hitting millennial women in PR?” by Russell Working on PR Daily on 11/19/2011

I think burnout has become a big fear of all people with demanding careers, especially those in PR. It’s a risk you take and a factor I had to consider when I declared my major. I agree with the idea that women feel more pressure to take care of work matters after hours. It’s extremely important to learn the consequences of working yourself too hard as well as the pro’s of taking time out of each day or week to put electronics aside and just breathe.

#15: “Do PR pros earn enough to make them happy?” on PR Daily on 11/19/2011

Making more from a job in PR than just the money I’ll need to get by has been a concern of mine since I declared my major. I think the sacrifices I might have to make early on will be worth it seeing as how I will love going into work every day and will feel like I’m making a difference in some way on a daily basis. I would rather think of my work as less of a job and as more of a passion than be miserable day in and day out at a high-paying job.

#16: “The Key to it All” by Johny Fernandez on 11/19/2011

Johny, these are some great tips. I can speak from experience that networking does in fact work. It’s actually very beneficial, especially in the world of PR. Someone you meet might know another person who has a brother who has a cousin that could give you your dream job. You never know when you meet someone who else you’re meeting simultaneously. Best wishes to you now and in the future as you search for a job.

#17: “Advice for All you New Bloggers” by Johny Fernandez on 11/20/2011 @ 12:06 a.m.

I found this post very informative. I like that you included that it’s important to have fun with blogging. I know that I sometimes forget to enjoy blogging and I often view it more as work. I like your tidbit about not knowing who is reading your blog. This goes for all social media outlets, as well. I think many people, especially students, forget to monitor their social media usage and this can come back to bite them in the future. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this semester, Johny, and I hope that you make it a habit even after our course ends.

#18: “What Every Designer Needs: Photoshop Tutorials” by Amanda Furmage on 11/20/2011 @ 12:12 a.m.

I agree with this post. I’ve learned quite a bit from the Photoshop, InDesign, etc. tutorials I’ve looked at online. I think it’s hard to fit all of those elements into a 16-18-week course and it seems like there is always something new to learn about Adobe design programs. I’ve definitely gotten stuck before, design wise, and tutorials have helped to solve that problem on several occasions.

#19: “Future Bloggers Step On Up!” by Mikelle Liette on 11/20/2011 @ 12:23 a.m.

I really liked all of your tips, Mikelle. I’m horrible when it comes to staying up to date with current political, economic, etc. events and it’s something that I need to work at over the next year and a half before I enter the workforce. Your tip about writing what you’re passionate about also stuck out to me. If you’re not interested in the topic you’re writing on, your readers will be able to tell and if you’re not interested, what makes you think that they will be too? One of the pointers given by a panel member at the Blogger Brilliance event I attended was to only post content when you have something to say. I think that’s an important piece of advice to consider because if you don’t follow that, the quality and impact of your content will decrease. You will also be writing just to write.

#20: “Yard Sale” by Liz Colburn on 11/20/2011 @ 12:29 a.m.

Liz, I can just hear you right now in my mind saying these words. Hosting a yard sale is definitely a smart way to earn some Black Friday cash. I know people watching is one of your favorite activities, so why not get paid to do it? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and come across some good Black Friday finds!


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