Social Media’s Role in My Life

It’s funny to look back at my “TOW #1: My Social Media” post that I wrote February of this year for my Writing for Public Relations and Advertising class. Seven months later, the knowledge I have of social media is far greater than it was at that point, even though I basically use the same platforms.

The platform I use the most is Facebook. It has been an easy way for me to keep up with friends at other colleges, post information and events for the Southeastern University student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, and share with others what is going on in my life.

I have continued to use Twitter, but not as much as I wish I could. At this point, I use it to post articles from PR Daily and other sources that I find interesting.

I still have a LinkedIn account, which I am now vowing to pay more attention to because I know how important of a tool it is.

Image Credit: “Jump on the social media bandwagon” by Matt Hamm

Blogging has definitely become a large part of my life, my school work, and my schedule. I thoroughly enjoyed blogging for my Writing for Public Relations and Advertising course, and the amount of information I learned because of it was substantial. It is good practice for someone like me who plans to enter the world of Public Relations after graduation and it forces me to keep up with current events and trends.

So, what social media platforms are you using? What suggestions do you have of platforms that Journalism/Public Relations majors should be using?



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3 responses to “Social Media’s Role in My Life

  1. johnyfernandez

    Hey Taylor,
    Your blog was awesome! I can relate to your blog about how social media has created such an impact in your life. I think it is amazing how blogging is preparing you for your job in the Public Relation field. Some advice that I would have for P.R. majors would be to take advantage for the social media and let it be a training ground. It is an amazing tool.

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