How are small businesses using infographics?

Since infographics will be the topic of my soon-to-be-written TOW #11, “Infographics explains how some small businesses  are using social media” from PR Daily caught my eye. The term infographics is not a part of my everyday vocabulary, so this article provided me with a foundation for learning more about the subject. And even better, social media is involved.

On Tuesday, we covered a recent survey indicating 70 percent of small business owners are using Facebook and 40 percent are on Twitter.

Several readers questioned the data.

We went looking for even more statistics on the use of social media by small businesses and discovered this infographic. It examines how local merchants that use are tapping social media.

Postling is a platform that enables people to manage multiple social media accounts from a single userface.

Alexis Lamster, the vice president of customers at Postling, created the infographic, which reflects the habits of nearly 20,000 Postling users.

Turns out Twitter is tops among these business owners.



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