TOW #6: Why you should point others toward Poynter

Some people may think that News University courses are the only resources the Poynter University website has to offer. Well, think again!

Poynter can help me prepare for my career in public relations through three categories on its website: How To’s, Latest News, and Chats.

Image Credit: “How to work better” by net_efekt

How-To’s: The How-To’s section of Poynter’s website provides journalists with tips on a large number of topics, including topics such as “How to grow with the job market” and “6 questions for reporters and editors who want to build their relationship.” Through these how-to articles, journalists can learn something new each day that they will be able to apply everyday life or will know for future reference. They will be able to pass on the information to fellow journalists, creating a united front of journalists who are well-informed on a wide variety of topics.

Since I am just beginning to learn about journalism and public relations, this section can provide me with a basis of general knowledge on which I can continue to build my experience.

Latest News: Journalists and public relations professionals alike should spend a portion of every day researching current affairs. It is important that they are aware of what is going on around the world politically, economically, and even religiously. Even as a college student who is a Journalism/Public Relations major, I have realized the important of keeping up with global happenings and this section of Poynter’s website makes it easy to do so. The Latest News section centralizes news from several sources and many of the stories highlighted have to do with public relations and journalism.

Image Credit: “_BYE_BYE___BERLUSCONI” by *RICCIO “il colore de ricordo inganna”

Chats: One of the most important things people in any career field can do is talk and debate with others from their chosen field. This section of Poynter’s website provides “Career Chats” as well as “Writing Chats.” Writing will be essential to my future job, whether I chose to go into journalism or public relations. The “Career Chats” foreshadows answers to questions I may have when I graduate from college and enter the work force of America.


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