The Four Stages of “Getting” Twitter

Are you new to Twitter? Or are you a pro at tweeting? Today, PR Daily featured an article from And Far Away called “The Four Stages of ‘Getting’ Twitter.” You may not think Twitter is for you, but after reading this article you’ll gain some hope for your Twitter endeavors.

Stage 1: Complete Inability to Understand Twitter
That’s all of you guys sitting in your tech-phobia and thinking “What the [heck] is this [silly] 140 character [stuff]? I don’t care what you had for lunch…Mark my words: Twitter is not going to exist a few months from now, except for lame losers.”People in this stage have either tried Twitter and completely failed at figuring out how to use it (thus the steep learning curve), or have never tried Twitter because they “don’t follow crowds”.

Ha. More like you didn’t get it, darling.

Image Credit: “The Four Stages of ‘Getting’ Twitter” by And Far Away

Stage 2: Trying (and Failing) to Enjoy Twitter
This is the hardest stage to overcome in Twitter-life, and I really feel it for those who are stuck in this phase. The people here somehow see the value of Twitter, but cannot figure out the perfect enjoyment formula. Is it about following the celebrities? Is it about collecting friends? Is it about reading great links?

It’s a hard, hard world out there, me son. The good news is that the end of this post tries to dissect the perfect Twitter experience, so go right ahead.

Stage 3: “Ohhh, So That’s What Twitter is About”
This stage has a very small life cycle. Once a user figures out what the [heck] to do with the 140 characters, life becomes pretty.

Stage 4: Addiction Phase
The Twitter addict has got a personal taste of Twitter Heaven, which includes but is not limited to: meeting [cool] people, creating a personal brand, improving career prospects, reading curated links and information, staying on top of news and happenings in short bursts of plaintext, and getting help in making decisions and doing research.

Twitter rocks.


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