Writing for Your Audience– With a Valentine’s Day Twist

I think many bloggers would agree with me when I say that the point of blogging is to inform and educate readers. Why do some bloggers, then, write in a self-serving way?

Since Valentine’s Day just passed, I want to make a connection between blogging and the national holiday. Just as husbands and wives need to spend time making an effort to get to know each other before marrying, bloggers must take the time to consider who their audiences are before posting.

Sharon Tanton of Smart Thinking, Original Copy recently published a list of “seven reasons why you should write with that special person in mind” in her post “You are my one and only”:

Image Credit: “*smooch*” by twm1340

1. It makes your writing warmer.

2. It makes you think of the best and clearest way of saying something. Friends don’t talk in jargon.

3. It makes you want to impress, make them smile, share something – all good ways to engage.

4. It makes you focus. Cutting out anything unnecessary gives your writing more impact.

5. It gives your writing immediacy. You’ll choose words that connect, rather than distance your reader.

6. It will make your writing pacier. We use active verbs rather than passive ones when we’re talking to friends.

7. It will make your writing more real. Authenticity is valuable, and you’ll achieve it by writing from the heart.


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