There’s no better time than now

As a Journalism/PR Major in my first year of college, I’m always looking for advice from PR professionals on how to improve my resume and marketability for future volunteer opportunities, internships, and jobs. With the help of PR Daily, I found a blog post entitled “How PR Students Can Improve Their Marketability.” The post, written by a college student, gives 7 tips that he has found successful. They are listed below.

1. Network

2. Become a PR chair for student organization

3. Consider writing for a student newspaper

4. Stay up-to-date by reading

5. Learn Microsoft Excel

6. Develop an online social media presence

7. Seek out opportunity

Image Credit: “New Members Installed on November 17, 2010” by Danny Kushmer

I think these are essential, basic, easy ways  to become attractive to employers. They can also be helpful to students of other majors. Through attending student chapter and local chapter Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) meetings, I’ve learned the importance of networking with professionals of any sort. They’ll be impressed by students who are interested in what they do for a living and how they can help. In turn, later down the road, they’ll be a good source for recommendations and possibly an internship or job. Staying up-to-date with current issues and happenings is part of being a good student in general. An easy way to do so is to sign up for a subscription from websites like PR Daily . Microsoft Excel is widely used at colleges and businesses alike, so whether you are a PR major or not, learn how to use it! The same goes for social media. Another tip given that applies for all students is to seek out opportunity. Unless you already have a pre-established relationship with a PR professional, they’re probably not going to come to you. Keep your eyes and ears open to any word of upcoming events or PR firms that you might be interested in volunteering for. Local FPRA meetings are a good place to get involved.



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4 responses to “There’s no better time than now

  1. emmyjoy

    Great “7 tips” from that blog post you found. I can already check off a few! I think it is important to really get involved with the community of professionals whether you stay in that area or not. Even if you relocate to a different area, the recommendations are still found in upstanding known professional that can help when your trying to get a first job! The internship or volunteer opportunities that can open because of networking are also great because you gain experience. Great post. 🙂

  2. I noticed that the very first tip was to network. I feel that in the PR field, networking is the most effective in leading to internship opportunities, or even job opportunities. It also makes the job more interesting. I agree that the others are important as well, however knowing someone always seems to be the biggest ticket to getting your foot in the door.

  3. Good post! It’s nice to know that I’m on the right track, but there are some areas I know I can improve. A side note that could be added is to keep copies of everything you do and begin building your resume NOW! The industry is so competitive, so if you already have examples of your work, it will put you a step ahead of the next college student coming out with nothing to show.

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