All this conflict over a chicken sandwich…

Christians across the nation took a blow last week when The New York Times released their article entitled “A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questions by Gay Rights Advocates.”

Image Credit: “Ckickin Sandwich” by j.reed


One of the Pennsylvania Chick-fil-a locations recently sponsored a marriage strengthening seminar for a group that doesn’t believe in or agree with gay marriage. College students, gays, and Americans alike are now turning their backs on one of the most popular food chains in the nation. Some people frown upon while others applaud the values S. Truett Cathy had in mind when he first started Chick-fil-a.

Below is a video from Dan Cathy, S. Truett Cathy’s son.


In this day and age, I strongly believe that more companies like Chick-fil-a are needed and should be valued because of the rarity of such strong Christian beliefs. Since the chain was first started in 1967, its basis has been a widely known fact. I highly doubt that sales will be seriously impacted by this article. Americans haven’t stopped eating Chick-fil-a’s food in the past 44 years and I’m sure the trend will continue.


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