TOW #3: Your Comments Count!

Blogging isn’t blogging without posts and comments on posts. Feedback is an important part of life and an extremely important part of blogging.

Image Credit: “Rosie the Blogger” by Mike Licht,

Blog comments can help the author of the original post look at a topic in a new light. Those who comment may have a different viewpoint on a subject to offer. In addition, they may phrase their opinion in a way that really speaks to the author.

Also, blog comments can be considered constructive criticism. More experienced bloggers can offer advice through blog comments in regards to attracting an appropriate audience, entertaining readers, and much more. They may also catch any spelling and grammar errors.

In addition, those who leave blog comments may know of helpful websites and blogs that the author is unaware of. Blog comments are a chance for them to share those.

Most importantly, it’s a way to let others know about your blog! Blog comments will build your web presence on the blogging scene.

So what makes a great blog comment great? First of all, I think it is important to make a point in a  short, clear, and concise comment. Grammar Girl breaks this down into two points in her “How to Write a Great Blog Comment” podcast. Another piece of advice is to provide links to sites that have previously been helpful and relate to the topic of not only the comment, but also the post. It wouldn’t hurt to proofread blog posts while reading, but the best way to inform authors about spelling and/or grammar mistakes is to email or message them rather than embarrassing them in front of other readers. An additional tip, from Nathan Bransford, is to scan comments that have already been left on the post you’re planning on commenting on. Leaving a comment that reiterates what others have said will not be helpful to the author. It’ll probably be more irritating than anything. Saying something original will catch the eye of the author and help you be on your way to blogging fame. For Bloggers, By Bloggers  advises against “vanilla” comments in its post entitled “10 Reasons No One Notices Your Blog Comment.” Including personal experiences in blog comments can inspire impressive discussion and once again, have your blogging presence noted. Keep in mind, though, that your purpose in leaving blog comments is not for personal gain, but rather for the benefit of the author.



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