TOW #2: This Girl Knows Best

Grammar Girl has a lot to offer the blogging, college, and news worlds. I ended up picking two blog posts and one podcast to feature in this blog post. It was difficult to pick a combination of just three posts and  podcasts because of the vast information Grammar Girl’s website provides.

Image Credit: “Smile” by bryanmsims

The first post I read is called “‘A While’ Versus ‘Awhile.’” I learned that “a while” is a noun, whereas “awhile” is an adverb. This knowledge is helpful when trying to decide which form is appropriate for a sentence. What surprised me is that there is such a difference between the two. I always used them interchangeable without even knowing that the sentence will determine which form is used. I want to learn more about other words and phrases that look and sound alike, but have different meanings and uses.

Image Credit: “Partial erasure of errant apostrophe on supermarket noticeboard” by engineroomblog

The second post I read is called “How to Make Names With Apostrophes Possessive.”  I learned that names such as McDonald’s should be left as is when talking about them in a way that shows possession. I was surprised to read that there are two technically correct ways to make names with apostrophes possessive. One way is to an apostrophe s and another is to add just an apostrophe. I would like to learn more about the uses of apostrophes.

The podcast I listened to is called “How to Write a Better Resume.”  I learned that parallel construction is necessary when listing responsibilities and accomplishments. I was surprised that full sentences are okay to use in resumes. The template I used in high school to create my resume didn’t use full sentences, but rather used bullet points and just the names of awards, etc. I would like to learn more about how to create a professional resume that  I can use throughout my life and add to as time passes.


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  1. emmyjoy

    I’ll have to listen to “How to Write a Better Resume.” I wasn’t aware that in the resume you could use full sentences. Thanks for passing that along! ‘Awhile’ and ‘a while’ are confusing as well. I like how Grammar Girl does many of those comparisons. Words that are commonly misused really are easily misused! It’s good to have those reminders.

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