TOW #1: My Social Media

The type of social media I use the most is social networking. One platform I use is Facebook. When I first signed up for Facebook in the beginning of my high school years, it was solely for the purpose of fun. Now that my friends have gone off to college, I use it to keep in touch with them. I also use it to network with public relations professionals, send out information about the Southeastern University Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association well as the ministry I started at my church, and keep in touch with family members that don’t live in Florida.

Image Credit: “Facebook” by west.m

Another social networking platform I use is Twitter. I access it through my phone, the website, and TweetDeckTwitter is a great avenue through which I can keep up on current issues and world happenings. It also allows me to follow public relations professionals and writers who can offer advice and post job listings.

Image Credit: “Twitter bird logo” by SerGe’s Insanity

An additional social networking platform I utilize is Linkedin. I signed up for an account and made a profile with Linkedin because it’s basically an online I resume. It allows account holders to connect, once again, with professionals and provide an easy way for those professionals to view what you have to offer skills wise for a possible future job. It’s also a great way to see how others in one’s field have gotten where they are today. Account holders can list all of their previous employers, jobs, and job responsibilities, which can help those looking for a career decide what’s for them and what’s not.

Image Credit: “linkedin” by uriondo

The newest additional to my social media family is blogging.  I created a personal blog in late October/early November of last semester on Blogger. I love to write and I figured it would be a great escape from the academic writing I’m contained to five days a week. I’ve also heard lately about several college students who have earned internships and jobs through their blogs. I’m excited to learn more about blogging through this class!

Image Credit: “blogger icon” by Bruno Abreu



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6 responses to “TOW #1: My Social Media

  1. That’s great that we can use social media not only for PR purposes but also to spread word about various ministries. I still am not well acquainted with Twitter, but I have heard many positive reviews about it so far. Linkedin sounds like a great site to be part of. I can foresee it being very useful. Blogging is always an adventure! God bless, Angela

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